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Kodak Advantix 400 - 24mm

Kodak Advantix 400 - 24mm

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  • 400-speed Advanced Photo System film designed for zoom cameras and action shots and still
  • T-Grain Emulsion technology for low-light settings and bright
  • Drop-in loading
  • Automatic reject device guards against double exposure
  • 25 exposures

Developed for zoom cameras and for freezing action shots, Kodak's Advantix 400 film features T-Grain Emulsion technology that produces finely grained color images in low-light situations or where extended flash range is necessary. Kodak Advantix 400 is scratch resistant and features drop-in loading and an automatic reject device that prevents inserting exposed or processed film, reducing the risk of double exposures.

Negatives are returned inside the film cassette for easy storage, and index prints make it easier to reorder. An electronic charge stabilization agent provides better raw stock keeping, reducing the risk of color shifts as the unexposed film ages and minimizing the effects of high temperature and humidity on the performance of the films. A roll provides 25 exposures.

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