Photo Lab Services

Welcome to Ballard Film + Foto! Local film developing, in the heart of Ballard.

2221 NW 56th St. Seattle, WA 98108


Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday

10 am - 6 pm


Please try Not contact the photo lab by telephone for order updates. The lab staff are super busy processing your orders. However, if you have not received your film within two weeks you may email or call us at (206)420-7569

Standard Speed - 7-10 days

C41 Color Negative -  19.00 per roll - 35mm or 120 any exposures - digital delivery

B+W Negative Film - 23.00 per roll - 35mm or 120 - digital delivery

E-6 Positive Film - 25.00 per roll - 35mm or 120 - digital delivery

ECN-2  -  28.00 per roll - 3 roll minimum.  Run once monthly - C41 Chemistry

Prints - 9.00 additional per roll, up to 36 prints.

Negative Return by mail - $5.50

- a 30 day hold of negatives in store included in price -


Mail In Option:

(same prices as above for Standard service - you will be contacted after completion and you can pay by credit card for return delivery)

Please include your name, phone number, email and address in the correspondence.

Send it in to our main lab at:

Seattle Film Lab

12316 Lake City Way NE

Seattle, WA 98125

Call our main lab at  (206) 588-2793 for any urgent  questions 

Please pick up your negatives quickly, or opt for the mail back option. We will not keep any negatives on hold for more than 30 days. If no arrangements were made at drop off, they will be discarded.


Rapid C41 Service - Next Day


C41 Color - 30.00 per roll  -  35mm or 120  any exposures - digital delivery

Prints - 10.00 additional per roll up to 36 prints.

Negative Return - $5.50 mail back - in store pickup same day - Included.

Please note, Rapid service slots FILL UP QUICKLY in a day, so PLEASE get your film requests in as early as possible. No Rapid service accepted after 4pm daily.


A la carte prints:

4x6 Prints - First one - $1.50, additional prints at .50 each.

8x10 Print - First one - $10.50, additional prints at $8.50 each.


Thank you!

Ballard Film + Foto Staff