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Ballard Film + Foto

Fujifilm Astia 100f - 35mm

Fujifilm Astia 100f - 35mm

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  • 36 exps
  • Super Fine Sigma Crystal Technology
  • Color Slide Film
  • Process E-6 ? CR - 56
  • Micro Grain Solubility Control Technology· Preserves optimal grain characteristics
  • Unprecedented Granularity of 8. Finer details and bigger enlargements than ever before
  • Superb Push Processing Characteristics. Remarkably consistent color and tone at pushes of up to +2 stops

Astia 100F has a granularity of RMS 7. Fujifilm's Multi-Color-Correction Layer technology assures accurate color reproduction across the full color spectrum, while maintaining excellent color fidelity across a full palette of hues. The result is an image with beautiful skin tones, natural and faithful color reproduction, and smooth textures. Astia 100F. For true to life results.

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