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Film Photography Project XRay - 120mm

Film Photography Project XRay - 120mm

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  • ISO 100 Medical X-Ray Film
  • Adapted to Standard Medium 120 Format
  • Orthochromatic B&W Negative
  • Backing Paper and Numbering

FPP BW 120 X-Ray Film
120 / Shoot between 100 - 400 ISO

FPP X-Ray Film is medical x-ray film adapted to standard medium 120 format (with backing paper and proper numbering). The film is orthochromatic and lacks an anti-halation layer, which gives your photos a high diffusion effect and beautiful grain. This film will produce a unique and beautiful black and white image different from any traditional film stock. This film stock is subject to "light piping" when exposed to room light. Please load in dim light and store in a dark camera bag before and after shooting. If storing your film in fridge, freezer or home shelf, store in a light tight bag as well. 

Polyester base (thickness of 0.1mm)

Film contains an anti-static layer
Film can be developed using a Kodak (15 watt) red safelight

Developing at home
Kodak D76 (or FPP 76) – 6 minutes at 68 degrees Fahrenheit

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