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Dubblefilm Bubblegum 200 - 35mm

Dubblefilm Bubblegum 200 - 35mm

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  • Daylight-Balanced Color Negative Film
  • ISO 200/24° in C-41 Process
  • Tinted with Sweet Tones
  • Produces Bright Pink Hues & Candy Colors
  • Experimental, Creative Application Film

Introducing the new 400 speed Bubblegum film using the incredible Kodak Ultramax as our base layer! Bubblegum is a 36 Exposure ISO 400 Color 35mm film with added tone producing sweet colors to spark your visual taste buds. Bubblegum is one of our most popular films due to its subtle tones and pastel colors. In very bright conditions the effect can be weak which is part of its charm. 

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