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Cinestill D96 Monobath Powder

Cinestill D96 Monobath Powder

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  • Single Bath, Single Step Developer/Fixer
  • Constant Developing Time for All Films
  • Room Temperature Processing
  • Adjust Contrast, Push/Pull via Temp.
  • Reusable Solution, No Dilution
  • Can Process 16+ Rolls of Film
  • Archival Processing, Odor-Free

Simplifying film development, DF96 from Cinestill is a monobath, self-completing chemistry for use with nearly all black & white film types. Rather than traditional multi-bath processes, with separate developer and fixer chemistries, DF96 is an all-in-one, single-step solution to fully process film in approximately three minutes. DF96 also requires no dilution and is reusable for developing at least 16 rolls of film per liter of chemistry.

As a developer, DF96 is akin to D96 developer and yields a smooth grain structure and tonal curve. Different from D96, though, DF96 requires no subsequent stop bath or fixer; its own fixing capabilities render fully archival results and longer overall processing times will not affect development. Beyond the ease of a single-bath design, DF96 is also meant to be used at room temperature (70-80°F) with development times ranging from six to three minutes for normal results with most films. Push and pull development is possible by adjusting the temperature. Additionally, tabular grain films (such as T-Max and Delta) are also supported, however require twice-as-long processing in order to remove the film's stain during fixing.

This powder monobath contains enough chemistry to make 1L of working solution and, once mixed, has a shelf life of approximately two months.

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