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Ballard Film + Foto

Amber D400

Amber D400

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  • Kodak Vision 3 250D with remjet layer removed
  • Daylight balanced
  • ISO 400 
  • C-41 or ECN-2 Process
  • Not DX Coded - DX code sticker included

A more versatile cinematic film compared to the D100, the Amber D400 lets you shoot in a variety of lighting conditions. You can push the boundaries of underexposure and still get outstanding results and with reduced grain in the shadow areas while holding details in the highlights.

Amber D400 400 ISO Color Negative Movie Film 35mm x 27exp. is a motion picture film that gives distinct colors and looks when used in different lighting conditions. It becomes a cool blue tone when shot in daylight. It requires standard C-41 processing, which is a common and affordable option for lab processing.

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