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Ballard Film + Foto

Amber T200 - 35mm

Amber T200 - 35mm

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  • Tungsten-Balanced Color Negative Film
  • 35mm, 27-Exposure Roll
  • ISO 200/24° in C-41 or ECN-2 Process
  • Fine Grain, High Sharpness
  • Non-DX Coded, DX Code Sticker Included
  • Remjet Layer Removed

Delivering cinematic image quality for 35mm film photographers, the Amber T200 Color Negative Film is re-formatted movie stock that has been prepared and packaged for use in still cameras. The traditional anti-halation layer has been removed from the film, enabling its development in C-41 chemistry as well as the motion picture standard ECN-2 process. Benefitting from the distinct qualities of a low-speed motion picture stock, this tungsten balanced film is well-suited for artificial light and shooting in bright conditions, exhibiting a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200. 

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