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Adox Rodinal 500mL

Adox Rodinal 500mL

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Created by Momme Andresen in 1891 in Berlin, RODINAL became the foundation of the future Agfa company.

ADOX RODINAL is produced according to Agfa Leverkusen´s latest Rodinal* 2004 formula.

It does not get more Rodinal than this.

ADOX works together with former Agfa scientists on all Agfa replacement products.
If you have used Agfa Rodinal* before you can achieve identical results with ADOX RODINAL.

Compared to R09/APH09 Rodinal is more fine-grained, while still enhancing sharpness and acutance.


100 ml conc. (Baby RODINAL)

500 ml conc.

Dilution: 1+25 to 1+500

RODINAL is a one-shot developer and can not be re-used

When using high dilutions and small developing tanks, please make sure to apply on each film 35mm or 120 at least 5 ml of concentrated developer.
Sheet films need 5 ml of concentrate for each 4 sheets of 4×5 or one sheet of 8×10.

Made in Germany

* Rodinal is a registered trademark of ADOX Fotowerke Switzerland GmbH

* Agfa is a registered trademark of AGFA Gevaert Group, Mortsel, Belgien

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