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Ballard Film + Foto

Fujifilm 400 - 35mm - 3 pack

Fujifilm 400 - 35mm - 3 pack

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  • 36 exps
  • For Consistent and Accurate Colors
  • ISO 400/27° in C-41 process
  • Rich Saturation, Optimized Skin Tones
  • Fine Grain, Wide Exposure Latitude

This FUJIFILM 400 Color Negative (3-pack) is a high-speed, daylight-balanced, 35mm color negative film offering a wide exposure latitude for greater versatility as well as a fine grain structure with consistent and accurate colors. With a nominal sensitivity of 400 ISO this versatile stock can serve a multitude of applications under a wide range of lighting conditions. From sun-drenched vacation snaps to a flash-lit night scene, this color film is designed to produce quality prints.

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